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pretty eyes

i've been feeling uninspired to write
well not really uninspired... just terribly busy.
work and school are very consuming.
i love both :)
i got promoted at work on Thursday, which was totally surprising.
last night at 3 am, as I was being cuddled by my beloved, he asked me if I was happy.
i thought about it really hard.
i'm tired most of the time, i have almost no leisure time, we have no money for shopping.... hell yeah, i'm happy *smile*
i have two wonderful cats, a cool apartment, i do yoga and belly dance, i love my masters program, i love my job, marcus got accepted into an amazing graduate program
what else could i ask for?
true, there are moments that i'm terribly grouchy and discouraged
i am moody by nature, and i have this terrible infatuation with misery and darkness.
but his eyes ground me, one look into his big blue eyes, his caring adoring eyes, sooo loving and accepting, just one look into his eyes and i am reminded that i am happy.

anyway time to finish paper #1 (10 pages) and then hopefully start paper number 2 (25 pages)
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