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my convos make no sense

LivvyElf: hmmmm yak milk!
Mithrius: I just ordered some goat milk...is it good?
LivvyElf: will i get to ride a traminator in florida?
LivvyElf: i cant stand goat milk, it tastes like goat
LivvyElf: but cow milk tastes like cow lately too... so maybe its just me
Mithrius: when have you eaten goat?
LivvyElf: in my second -last life time... i used to be a goat keeper
Mithrius: goat keepers don't eat goat!
LivvyElf: i was a little bit of a sociopath as well
LivvyElf: :-(
LivvyElf: actually a goatopath
Mithrius: Is that like a dominatrix?
LivvyElf: Not nearly as much fun, but much furrier
Mithrius: traminators!
LivvyElf: lol this conversation started in traminators and ended in traminators. how fun!
Mithrius: very fun...7 days!

being in an office with windows, rocks :)
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