Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,


It's 2:15 pm
I woke up less than an hour ago
I slept in a lushiously warm bed, with my lover and my kitties
i have food in abundance
i study what i want
i go where i want
i laugh, smile and dance on daily basis
i have never been violated, physically or emotionally

it's all too easy to forget the world outside of my walls
much, much easier to forget the world outside my continent

if i had eaten breakfast, i am sure it would have been gone after looking at these pictures

my world is "safe"
theirs is horror

This is a link to amnesty international canada. Please take your time and write! I will as soon as I am done this post.
If you live in the states, write to your president

i myself am outraged that governments are spending all their money in iraq. yeah, the US fucked up the country, and yes they need to clean up their mess. However, we can't focus all of our attention at one place because of how convenient it looks (WMD's for example). The world closed their eyes to Rwanda, and focused all of the resources at Bosnia. Once again, the world seems only to focus on where they can gain the most ( oil or whatever).
Thousands of women have been gang raped, children have been multilated in Sudan for at least two years. Why aren't we protecting them?
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