Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,

i'll find my frog

i know i haven't written in a while :)
but i feel like writing now, because hmm well i should be studying

life is chaotic

after a few days in San Francisco, I arrived home and had to go to my first day of practicum.

I have seen my first client!

It wasn't so scarry after all.

I came home to a phone msg from my Roxxie devastated
my heart was totally broken
especially since i wasn't there for her when this happened.

she was cute and called me back after she had thought of a reason of why it was good that i wasn't there for her.

these last two weeks when sharon asked rox for a break, rox and i became even closer, and this is despite her new found religiousness and distance ( she is in Montreal now).

but i can't imagine rox without sharon... i know i have said this about andreas and rox before.... but ok other than the fact that i think that sharon is one of the most amazing people on earth, i had never seen roxana like this.

speaking of andreas, I think Andreas, Marcus and I are going to see Star wars tonight.

and i should be doing one of the zillion things I need to do... my thesis has not moved a single cm forever now. i'm a bad liv!

the worst thing is, is that I am itching to do some integrations and functions and derivations. I just feel so DUMB lately, I remember I once upon a time used to know cool things...
and now i can laugh for hours over this http://www.lostfrog.org/

this entry was a complete waste of my time, and yours as well if you chose to read it ...

nevertheless i cannot promisse that my next entry shall be time worthy

oh i just got an email from neo pets... i wonder if my lambda b is dead... i haven't taken care of her in years!

amazing the kind of things i have done in order not to be productive ;)

want to do something better with your time? take this quiz:

women and war
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