Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,

you could have it all

It's so beautiful out!
I need to get my lap top in working order so I can go to the park and write papers.

Rox was so excited over my first client, that I got excited. I think this was a big event that I forgot to really make a big deal out of.

I will see my first trauma client in less than a month... yey I am finally on my last stretch towards being a therapist.

Jim I just read your blog and all I have to say is that I am totally psyched and excited for you. I'll definetly visit you in Chicago :):):) It is my kind of town *grin*

I fell asleep in the living room and I woke up in bed. Not sure if Marcus carried me or what.

we watched Star Wars III and I REALLY did not like it.

ok back to editing I must go!
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