Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,

tried to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away

i am literally drowning in papers

i am very disorganized person, if i were to take a picture of my office now you would see piles and piles of papers scattered on my desk and floor. as well as plate of half eaten sandwiches and 3 mugs of tea and coffee, 2 empty bottles of water and a full bottle of water. as well as two cats ( one on my lap and one right beside the keyboard)

nin is blasting in the background ( the fragile)

my research proposal is almost done... just need to add small details like confidentiality agreements, a few missing references and additions to my appendices

if i don't die from a panic attack this week, i'm sure mexico will be grand

i just need to keep on working on these assignments and be in complete denial about how i wont even look at my thesis for another 2 weeks.

it is about time i act irresponsible i do believe.
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