Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,


i'm drunk
that's clear to me
my synapses are not transmitting at a normal rate
perhaps they are faster, or slower. i am not sure what alcohol does right now, i used to know such things
i have a degree that says that i should know such things
but all i can remember is GABA synapses, inhibittion cuz it is Chlorine and chlorine is an inhibitor and something about NMDA receptors.
oh the joys of being drunk
knowledges just pooofes away

i'm gelatinous right now
and i hope i spelled that right
marcus is reading
i have class tomorrow
and here i am drunk!

it's kind of fun
life has been so so so good lately. life should be made up of summers such as these

oh i wish i could write something interisting but i can't cuz i am drunk!

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