Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,

It's been a while

Wow, it has been over a year and a half since I have written.
So let's see what has changed in my life since:

1) Vesna ( our youngest kittie) died last summer (August, 2006) of a massive heart failure. We were heart broken.
2) We adopted a new kitten, Aleph. She is 7 months now, a real brat, and absolutely the most precious kitten in the world.
3) I am all graduated and now have my Masters degree
4) I work 3-4 days a week as a psychotherapist and I love it ( most of the time). Although some days are challenging, like today.

I can't think of anything else really. We seem to have become really social in the last year or so. Going out way too much. Marcus is now a PhD student. My brother is married.

I still keep thinking of going back to school ( even though I just graduated about 6 months ago). However, now that I am making good money the idea seems less attractive. I LOVE being a student, and have a million zillion research interests. But part of me keeps thinking that this will be another 4 years in school to eventually come back to do what I am doing now. Granted I should be able to make more money, but being that money doesn't tend to drive me much, that's not really an incentive.

Ok I am tired and i need sleep :)
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