Enfys (livvyelf) wrote,


 Wow, it's been a while since I have written eh? 

I just got back from the airport. Marcus should be arriving in Chicago any moment now, and then he will be boarding for Tokyo. He will be in Japan for a bit over 3 weeks, and I will be there for a bit over 2. He looked so stressed! As typical of us, we have not planned much at all, and I think he started to freak out this morning when he realized that he was going to be in Tokyo, all by himself and trying to find his way by train to Kyoto! I gave him one of the 4 Japan travel guides I have been reading. By the time he gets to Japan I think he will know exactly what to do! Or maybe he was just stressed because of his talk, workshop presentation, and poster presentation. *smile* The exciting life of an academic!

I am so psyched to be starting our Japan trip in Kyoto. I need to devour some more books about the history and culture. Oh so lovely! Although, I can't say I am not nervous about getting lost. Apparently, my phone wont work in Japan, and they don't seem to be big on credit cards.

Anyway, I really am just procrastinating.... I should just stop sitting here and go for a run!

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